Don’t let your ERP software implementation become a horror story

Don’t let your ERP software implementation become a horror story 03 May 2018 / Blog Share

After spending months analyzing your requirements, researching on available solutions, and negotiating with vendors, now you have your ERP software right in front of you. But you don’t want to take a break at this moment as you know ERP selection was only the first step of your Business Process Reengineering plan, which is followed by more time-consuming ERP software implementation process. Referring to the frequently heard ERP software implementation horror stories, it’s a fact that any ERP software implementation project can be annoying, troublesome or disastrous if it’s not taken seriously or otherwise mishandled. By following proven software implementation techniques and best practices, with less effort, the ERP software implementation project at your office can be a great success. As the result of years of experience in research, experimentation and execution, ePROMIS Standard ERP Software Implementation Methodology ensures the success of an ERP software implementation.

Phases involved in standard ERP software implementation methodology are:

1. Project Initiation

The strength of the foundation determines the overall strength of the building; the case of ERP software implementation has no difference. The early stages of ERP software implementation are critical for gaining a thorough understanding of the project environment. Thus an icebreaker session which is commonly called as a “Kick-off” meeting is conducted in the Project Initiation phase of the project. During the “Kick-Off” the ERP software implementation team and the client will discuss various factors to decide on,

  • Scope Definition
  • Team Selection
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Plan

2. Requirements Definition

Defining requirements specifies the capabilities, features or attributes of the project’s deliverables. The major step in this phase is the “GAP Analysis”. Any changes or modifications that you require are discussed, analyzed and a decision regarding the modification is made during the GAP Analysis. The main activities in this stage are,

  • Solution Requirements Document is prepared
  • Testing and Training Strategy is defined
  • Roll-out plan is specified
  • Data Migration Strategy is prepared

3. Solution Design

In this phase, the GAP document is analyzed and approved. The Solution Design Document is prepared by the GAP Analysis. Solution design phase consists of:

  • Bilateral agreement on the Solution Design Document
  • Roll-out readiness assignment
  • Organizational re-engineering plans based on the newly formulated workflow

4. Build

In this phase, development and customization of modules which are required in the proposed ERP software are done. Testing of the modules and the ERP software system as a whole are performed by the vendor/solution partner to make the evolved software system ready to be served. Developer Test, Data migration plans, Business Intelligence reports design and Business model plans are carried out during this phase.

5. Transition

This phase of ERP software implementation is the most crucial one. The evolved ERP software system is tested by the vendor/partner in the previous phases; now it’s customers turn. User Acceptance Testing allows you to test the system to verify whether the system works according to your expectations. Preparation of training manuals starts after the User Acceptance which is then followed by the staff training sessions. After the user training sessions, system security, role-based access and data conversions happen.

  • System testing
  • Training courses
  • Security and access definition
  • Support level agreement
  • Operational procedures/manuals

6. Go live & Support

Now the ERP software system is ready to Go Live. This is the final phase of ERP software implementation which is extended for evermore with technical support plans. Handover of documents, Snagging, Go Live, and agreements on Support are performed during this stage of ERP software implementation.

Your ERP software system is the most powerful tool in your business. Selecting the right ERP software solution and implementing it in the right way are very important for the success of your business. As the developer of industry-leading Enterprise Software solutions, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. is keen on ensuring the success of every ERP software implementation project through ePROMIS Standard ERP Software Implementation Methodology.

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