ePROMIS ERP, once again, comes out Top in the FrontRunners for ERP Report by Software Advice, a Gartner company

Houston - Texas, May 15, 2019 Share

ePROMIS ERP maintains the top position in FrontRunners® ERP software report by Software Advice, a Gartner company for the third time in a row.

For the third time in a row, ePROMIS ERP by the Houston-based enterprise software innovator, ePROMIS Solutions Inc., has been recognized as the top ERP software, beating out rival enterprise solutions. The announcement was made by Gartner-owned Software Advice that releases Frontrunners for ERP report biannually, to support organizations select the most suitable software for them.

Based on Gartner methodology, the Software Advice research team evaluated the market’s high standing ERP products according to the sores for usability and user recommendation. The minimum qualifying scores were 3.53 for Usability and 3.70 for User Recommended in a 5 point scale, and only 15 ERP solutions got scores high enough to qualify 2019’s ERP FrontRunners quadrant. According to the report, ePROMIS ERP scored 4.96 for both usability and user recommendation securing a total score of 9.92 in a 10 point scale, making it the all-time top scorer in FrontRunners® for ERP report.

“We are delighted that ePROMIS ERP again is achieved top position in FrontRunners for ERP report,” said Mathews Mathew, chief executive officer & founder of ePROMIS. ePROMIS ERP is one among the continuously listed ERP solutions in the FrontRunners report. Mathews observed that title retention confirms ePROMIS’ excellence in delivering unmatched customer experience. “We believe only a customer-centric business can deliver a winning customer experience, the ranking confirms and encourages our commitment to serving our customers better.”

As top-rated ERP software in the market, ePROMIS ERP has over a million users and maintains the highest rates of customer retention in the industry. “We have been committed to delivering comprehensive ERP software solutions to companies from various industries enabling them to compete in the global market,” said Thomas Mathew, COO of ePROMIS. The company provides industry-specific ERP software solutions to construction & engineering, real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, and trading and ePROMIS ERP customers have access on-premise, private cloud, deployment models or cloud-based subscription option. “The FrontRunners report by Software Advice reflects the direct experience and feedback of ePROMIS ERP users, and being ranked so highly - winning the top position three times consecutively - makes us proud," said Thomas, ePROMIS’ COO.

The company has taken an entirely new approach to product development introducing innovations to support customers capitalize on the latest technology advancements including IoT, cloud computing, blockchain, big data analytics, and AI-powered management systems. Business magazine Insights Success recognized ePROMIS as one of the ten fastest growing ERP software providers, thanks to its increasing international exposure. ePROMIS has regional subsidiaries and solution partnerships across the U.S., U.K, Australia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and now expanding to India, Southern Africa, and Eastern Europe.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ePROMIS is a multinational software company providing on-premise, cloud and web-based business management solutions to various industries including construction & engineering, real estate, oil & gas, manufacturing, and trading. The company has regional subsidiaries and solution partnerships across the U.S., U.K, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, and Africa and now expanding to India, Eastern Europe, and South America.

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