FutureGen Enterprise Platform for the A&D Industry

Highly secure and specialized technology for aerospace and defense manufacturers

The Leading Enterprise SaaS Platform For Razor Focused Aerospace and Defense Solution

Aerospace and defense is a specialized domain. It requires high-precision manufacturing processes that focus on safety and protocol. We offer an all-in-one platform that can help aerospace and defense manufacturers drive efficiency and conform to quality. ePROMIS has comprehensive solutions for:

Commercial aviation
Aerospace and Deference manufacturing
Fleet and asset management

End-to-End Project Management Expertise

Innovative and feature-packed project management system that provides 360-degree visibility. Helps to schedule tasks, distribute resources, and stay ahead of milestone timelines.

Access to real-time aerospace and defense project data
Allocation of materials, work orders, inventory, and purchase requisitions
Rapid response to client demands to stay ahead of delivery schedules

Control Costs and Manage Compliance

Drive efficiency by regulating the supply chain and implement the industry’s best practices to reduce costs.

Facilitate complete compliance and audit
Enable compliant delivery for MRO providers
Increased testing capabilities to maintain stringent quality standards

Complete Service Lifecycle Tracking

Manage the complete lifecycle of critical assets for aerospace, defense, and aviation industrial manufacturing.

Maintain real-time data on inventory, sales orders, and service cases
Link cases to returns, delivery, and service orders
Streamline processes through multi-tiered supply management chains