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If you're looking for the best ERP software for your fashion or apparel business, then you should definitely check out ePROMIS FutureGen SaaS Cloud. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that is perfect for any fashion or apparel business. ePROMIS is incredibly user-friendly, and it can help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively.

ePROMIS is one of the world’s leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ePROMIS FutureGen SaaS Cloud is designed to help businesses manage finances, operations, and supply chain more effectively and efficiently. ePROMIS has a long history of providing quality software solutions to businesses around the globe, and they are a trusted name in the ERP industry.

Inventory Management

Get rid of inventory silos and inefficient tracking with ePROMIS. The inventory management module helps you manage procurement and stock levels.

Real-time inventory visibility
Free up cash flow and avoid stock-outs
Manage inventory data across all channels
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CRM and Marketing

ePROMIS allows you to track marketing campaign performance and get real-time customer insights.

Communicate with customers across various channels
Generate leads from multiple sources
Manage sales and incentive compensation
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B2C and B2B

ePROMIS enables you to manage operations for both B2C and B2B business models

Simplify wholesale and retail operations
B2C and B2B selling
Direct-to-customer selling capabilities
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Increased Profitability

Increase sales, reduce costs and boost profitability with ePROMIS ERP for fashion and apparel businesses.

Lower costs without lowering product or service quality
Better utilize your data to reduce errors and duplications
Reduce friction and achieve a greater time to market
Achieve consistent revenue growth
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