Transform your Hospitality Business

Innovative Hospitality Management Platform for Hotels and Restaurant Businesses

Booking Management

With OTA platforms on the rise, customers want to book hotel rooms online. With ePROMIS, you empower your customers to make bookings and manage cancellations from your website.

Offer, accept and manage online bookings
Accept electronic payments via multiple payment methods
Allow seamless cancellations
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Customer Management

Collect customer information, gain behavioral insights, and streamline two-way communication with ePROMIS.

Manage marketing campaigns
Create rich customer profiles
Offer multi-channel communication
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Restaurant Inventory

Running a restaurant involves monitoring ingredient inventory and ensuring all the essential items are in stock. ePROMIS helps you with that.

Inventory tracking and management
Perform shelf-to-sheet cycle
Gain real-time inventory visibility
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Customer Experience Management

Understand your customers better and offer them a seamless experience with the help of ePROMIS hospitality management ERP.

Enable mobile hotel check-in and check-out
Accept payments online for hotel services
Accept customer feedback and follow-up with guests
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