Helping non-profits get better funding and more exposure

ePROMIS provides a specialized cloud ERP solution for religious and non-profit organizations.

Financial Management

Track incoming and outgoing cash flow from one place using ePROMIS’s consolidated financial management module.

Track expenses and donations
Enjoy superior grade safety and security
Seamlessly manage finances and accounting
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Program Efficiency Tracking

Enable data-driven decision-making and accurately track the efficiency of each program.

Get real-time insights into the performance of all programs
Monitor functional expenses remotely
Track metrics like administrative ratio, fundraising ratio, contributions ratio, program efficiency, and more
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Dashboards and Roles

Manage your entire organization from one place with ePROMIS’s enticing dashboard.

Assign roles like CEO, CFO, controller, program manager, grants manager, etc.
Track performance KPIs and align them with your objectives
Leverage hundreds of data reports and gain visual insights into your performance
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Workload Management

Reduce workload and the effort required to run your non-profit organization with ePROMIS ERP for non-profits.

Automate administrative tasks like document and donation management
File and categorize memberships
Accept donations online
Create and manage fundraising plans
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