ePROMIS listed among the Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software providers, globally

Houston, Texas, April 15, 2017
ePROMIS Most Popular ERP Software

American multinational corporation, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. has been listed among the world’s top 20 Enterprise Resource Planning Software providers, according to the latest report.

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ePROMIS wins the Great User Experience Award and the Expert's Choice Award

Houston, Texas, January 14, 2017
Finance Online Award Great User & Experts Choice Award

It’s the 2017 awards for exceptional user experience, welp; it's no surprise who the winner is. ePROMIS bagged it for integrating great user experience designs into software development. Shout-out to all of ePROMIS’ UX team members, developers, and the software users who have worked together for the inception of simpler, elegant, and powerful designs.

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Software Dynamics Africa, a leading systems integrator & IT service provider partners with ePROMIS

Houston, USA, March 3, 2016
Software Dynamics Africa partners with ePROMIS

Software Dynamics has signed a partnership agreement with ePROMIS Solutions, USA to drive business innovation for clients in the MEA Region.ePROMIS® and Software Dynamics will leverage their respective strengths and provide web-based, cloud and on-premise, end-to-end ERP software solutions developed on next generation technologies. Software Dynamics will help ePROMIS® market products including ePROMIS Enterprise, ePROMIS Innovate, ePROMIS HCM and ePROMIS Lite to the Construction, Contracting, ...

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ePROMIS announces next generation enterprise management product, ePROMIS ERP 12.5

Houston, USA, August 5, 2015
ePROMIS ERP 12.5 software release

‘‘It’s great news for the enterprises around the world’’, in a business event held on Monday, Thomas Mathew, the CEO of Houston-based multinational software company, ePROMIS Solutions Inc. expressed his happiness regarding the newest ePROMIS 12.5 ERP software release. “As an innovative and comprehensive enterprise management solution, ePROMIS ERP Software 12.5 is aimed to change the way your business approaches resource planning and forecasting”, he added.

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Texas Roofing Supply improves business operations with ePROMIS ERP

Houston, Texas, February 12, 2015

Texas Roofing Supply (TRS) a premier roofing supplier and ePROMIS Solutions Inc. today jointly announced the successful deployment of ePROMIS ERP system 12.5, one of the most advanced enterprise resource planning platforms. The implementation process kicked-off in summer 2014 at Texas Roofing Supply’s premises in Meadows Place, Texas with the objectives of automation, streamlining, collaborating, and improving operational efficiency in various departments and divisions of Texas Roofing Supply...

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