One Tool to Manage All Tasks, Projects, and Team Collaboration

ePROMIS B2B Management and Automation: Save Time, Improve Productivity, and Deliver Exceptional Results

ePROMIS - One Enterprise Platform to Replace Them All

Task Boards

Get a holistic view of all the tasks in the pipeline. Allow teams to make changes to the board as they move jobs from one stage to another and visualize workflows.

Gantt Chart

Analyze, plan, and schedule your project. Determine the resources required, check if your projects are running on time, and prioritize tasks accordingly.

Save Time

Automate repetitive, tedious tasks to save time and reduce errors. Give your employees more time to focus on critical business workflows.

Improve Collaboration

Engage with your team internally, discuss projects, and make feedback sharing easier. Share necessary files and links quickly.

Project Overview

Get insights into everything happening, and that has happened in a project to date. Analyze the daily, weekly, and monthly reports to visualize the team's progress.


Keep track of time spent by each of your employees on tasks and billable hours of projects using multiple timers. Understand and control your expenses to boost profitability.

Built for Every Member of Your Team

Bring your customers, suppliers, employees, and other third party users under the same platform

Team Collaboration

Create boards, assign (re-assign) tasks to different members of your team. Prioritize and discuss key facts related to the project. Allow your team to send projects for review to their managers and ensure complete visibility of the progress.

Alerts and Notifications

Set alerts and send email notifications automatically to ensure all the team members are in sync and looped in around the deadlines. Automate tasks like timesheet approval and receive emails for every change in the project board.

Collaborate, Plan, Organize and Deliver Projects On Time Every Time

Engage with your employees, discuss the projects, and create a roadmap easily

Store the plan, so everyone stays on the same page. Discuss potential roadblocks in the projects and provide solutions.

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