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Efficient Human Capital Management Solutions

Manage Your Entire Human Resource Pool With ePROMIS HCM Cloud

Core Human Resource Management

Manage the diversity of your organizational workforce and align HR goals with strategic objectives. Increase employee satisfaction and manage core HR activities smoothly with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud.

Talent Management

Ensure that your organization capitalizes on the best talent in the market with structured recruitment and onboarding processes. Define job descriptions accurately and improve the hiring process to have a well-rounded talent pool.

Payroll Management

Handle all payroll-related activities to ensure that your employees get paid on time. Manage compliance and regulatory issues to avoid penalties and make sure payment is processed correctly by banks and other enforcement agencies.

Employee Self-Service

Allow employees to undertake responsibility for their tasks, documentation, and records. Empower employees to handle vital tasks such as reimbursements, updating personal profile information, and accessing payroll information through self-service windows.

Document Management

Systematically maintain HR data records for quick access and improved productivity. Reduce the clutter of paper files by converting documents into digital format with ePROMIS HCM Cloud.

Leave Management

Track employees ’ leaves accurately and automate the leave application process to save time. Manage employee attendance and track time to boost operational efficiency and increase performance in all functional domains.

Streamline all HR processes such as recruitment, employee records, and document management

Automate Critical Human Resource Activities With ePROMIS SaaS HCM Software

Performance Tracking Made Easy

Manage employee performance with a well-calibrated and structured appraisal system. Identify top performers and reward them to increase motivation levels and employee retention.

Better Employee Development & Appraisal

Manage employee training and development requirements to prevent stagnation at the workplace. Gauge employee strengths, conduct 360-degree appraisals and provide timely feedback to improve performance.

Intelligent Reporting To Manage Employee Performance

Enhanced Reports For Better Decision-making

Access dynamic reports to get a bird’s eye view of all critical HR key performance indicators. Utilize dashboards that display real-time information to make quality decisions, better resource allocation, and improve team collaboration. Create customized reports to suit your HR requirements and analyze data to understand trends and identify bottlenecks in the organization.

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