Streamline Operations and Delight Customers with
ePROMIS Advanced Analytics

Improve Performance Visibility and Generate Actionable Insights Across the Business

Generate Dynamic Reports and Advanced Visualizations

Create reports that matter to your business. Unlock valuable data and insights locked within your ERP system.

  • Custom Reports: Choose the metrics that matter to you, decide the time frame, and generate custom reports to maximize efficiency
  • Pre-built Data Models: Leverage pre-built data models and templates to generate reports within minutes. Customize the templates and save them for future reference.

Get Insights That Can Help Your Business Thrive

Gain a holistic view of your business’s performance and understand how each process is generating results.

  • Business Intelligence: Convert raw data into actionable insights to increase your revenue, reduce costs, and enhance your decision-making process.
  • Real-Time Insights: Analyze your processes and KPIs as they change in real-time. Quickly adapt to the evolving circumstances across departments.

Delight Your Customers

Get a birds-eye view of your customer journey, from the day they first interact with your business to today.

  • Optimize Customer-Facing Workflows: Identify the touchpoints where most customers bounce back and optimize them to improve their experience.
  • Determine Customer Behavior: Leverage customer reports to identify changing trends and customer behavior. Create strategies to keep up to their expectations even before they ask for it.