If you trust numbers for decisions, improve your ability
with the ePROMIS business platform.

Asset Management

Manage and optimize the performance of all company assets. Use real-time data to assess the maintenance and repair schedule of all assets.

Unify Data

Manage all asset management data in a unified portal. Provide access to technicians and service management employees from anywhere anytime to enhance efficiency.

Compliance management

Adhere to mandatory compliance and legal requirements to avoid any penalties. Minimize risk at work facilities by controlling the environment and industrial safety requirements.

Contract management

Automate all contract management procedures to save time on manual time-consuming work. Avoid delayed or missed contractual transactions on assets with ePROMIS.

Minimize Downtime

Shorten production downtime, energy utilization, and maintenance expenses with predictive analysis of all enterprise assets. Automate maintenance schedules and have complete visibility over operations at all times.


Increase the utilization of resources and manpower with AI-driven reports that display all key parameters. Identify potential losses and improve operational efficiency by taking proactive action to improve the lifespan of the equipment.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS EAM Cloud solution provides an online platform for managing physical assets and infrastructure. It helps organizations track and monitor their assets, identify issues and potential risks, and take corrective action to prevent or mitigate damages. The EAM Cloud solution also provides a centralized repository for asset data and documentation, which can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere in the world. ePROMIS EAM Cloud solution is built on a scalable and extensible architecture that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Complete visibility and control

Track and monitor assets throughout their lifecycle to ensure smooth management.

Manage Data: Use a single repository across the enterprise to keep a record of asset data. Provide access to real-time data to enhance team collaboration between all organizational stakeholders.

Advanced analytics: Leverage AI-driven insights to improve asset lifespan and productivity. Reduce expenses, and improve core performance.

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Better workplace safety and mobility

Help managers keep a track of all assets from any location or device. Facilitate remote operations by keeping track of all operations in real-time.

Quality Management: Manage quality of assets with industry standards by rigorous timely checks to optimize performance.

Asset monitoring: Utilize IoT sensors and AI technology to automate asset monitoring. Set alerts/notifications to track the factors increasing downtown, and take required steps to boost efficiency.

Workplace safety: Improve workforce safety by implementing the best practices at the work facilities. Comply with required laws to ensure better workplace safety and environment.

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