Add the power of analytics to manage your assets with
ePROMIS Asset management(EAM)

Performance management

Manage and optimize the performance of each asset. Use data-driven analysis to determine the usability of your assets.

Maintenance digitalization

Maintain your entire assets with just one platform, ePROMIS EAM cloud. Utilize the 2D/3D visualization to optimize asset management.

Predictive maintenance

Reduce production downtime, energy utilization, and cost of maintenance with predictive maintenance. Automate maintenance schedules and have better visibility.

Contract management

Manage your lease assets with automated contract management. Avoid delayed or missed payments on assets with ePROMIS.


Optimize your repairs, operations, and maintenance with AI-driven reports. Identify potential losses and improve efficiency with customized reports and analytics.

Compliance management

Utilize built-in alerts and guidelines to manage assets with the ePROMIS FuturGen enterprise cloud. Avoid legal and safety consequences by controlling the environment and industrial safety requirements.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS EAM Cloud Software can help organizations to more efficiently manage their asset spending strategies. It can help to track and report on spending, budgeting, and forecasting. This can help organizations to make more informed decisions about where to allocate their resources. It can also help to prevent and resolve issues related to overspending.

Organizations that use ePROMIS EAM Cloud Software can achieve significant cost savings. The software can help organizations to reduce their overall asset spending. Additionally, the software can help organizations to save on average highly on their annual maintenance and operations costs.

Comprehensive visibility and control

Optimize the use of assets throughout the lifecycle with increased visibility.

Unified operations: Use a single platform across the enterprise to manage assets. Maintain continuity in operation across silos, even during disruptive conditions.

Advanced analytics: Impart AI-driven insights to improve asset productivity. Reduce cost, downtime, and improve performance.

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Operational reliability

Facilitate condition-based maintenance using AI monitoring, predictive actions, and better ticket management.

Asset monitoring: Combine IoT sensors and AI modules to automate asset monitoring. Prioritize alerts, understand factors increasing downtown, and improve productivity.

Health management: Integrate historical and current data from EAM systems to improve the health of the assets.

Workplace safety: Improve workforce safety by initializing instant violation or issue management. Use IoT to deliver worker safety insights.

Remote assessment: Use AI vision and a quality management team to manage your assets remotely. Identify detects in output to predict potential disruption.

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