Build your garage management capabilities with
ePROMIS Enterprise Software

Service Management

Accept new service requests and assign a service to your technicians, all from ePROMIS’s user-friendly dashboard.

Inventory Management

Manage your automobile spare parts inventory in real-time by getting complete visibility into purchases, sales, and usage.


Manage your customers, requests, and communications with ePROMIS Garage Software’s customer relationship management module.

Vendor Management

Manage multiple vendors and suppliers from one place, and foster meaningful, long-term relationships with them.

Better Resource Management

Allocate and manage resources better for optimum efficiency. Keep a check on technicians’ schedules, idle space, and equipment to improve business performance.

Seamless Data Transfer

Ensure the smooth flow of information between multi-location facilities. Improve coordination between departments through seamless communication.

Save Time and Space

ePROMIS allows you to work diligently and speed up daily processes like parts management, vehicle repair, appointment scheduling, and more.

Manage Time: Monitor technician time to ensure they remain productive at the workplace.

Manage Space: Ensure efficient space management to accommodate more vehicles at a time and generate greater profits.

Manage Resources: Monitor resource usage in real-time by checking which resources are idle and in use.

Performance Tracking

With ePROMIS, you can track your technicians’ performance and identify the scope for training and improvement.

Manage Technicians: Keep track of all technicians on board by monitoring their due and completed tasks.

Schedule Tasks: Assign auto repair tasks to technicians based on their schedule, availability, and skillset.

Track Performance: Track technician performance in real-time and manage overtime and wages from one place.

Better Communications

ePROMIS makes it easy to share information. If you own a multi-location facility, ePROMIS can go a long way in streamlining communication and collaboration.

Share Information: Share business information, such as announcements, schedules, meetings, changes, etc.

Centralize Communication: Integrate all communication channels, like social media, email, phone, and more.

Better Collaboration: Ensure efficient internal team communication and collaboration with ePROMIS auto repair software.