Manage your workforce and improve morale with
ePROMIS Human Capital Management Software

Employee Information Management

Get instant access to employee information, like job history, salary history, insurance plans, tax and banking details, and more.

Hiring and Recruitment

Manage job requisitions, job descriptions, applicant evaluation, social recruiting, and candidate pre-screening from a single, centralized dashboard

Talent Management

ePROMIS enables 360-degree talent management by allowing you to manage employee performance, competency tests, KPIs, and feedback.

Benefits Management

Manage employee benefits, such as healthcare coverage, leaves, retirement plans, and more, all from one place.

Training and Development

Manage all training activities and track real-time employee performance to improve productivity.

Real-Time Feedback

Monitor employee performance and provide real-time targeted feedback to enhance operational efficiency.

Workforce Planning

ePROMIS HCM software allows you to plan and manage your workforce, ensuring that your business objectives are met.

Model Your Workforce: Plan and model your existing workforce based on changing business goals, requirements, and strategies.

Identify Performance Roadblocks: Recognize under-performing employees, identify their problems, and train them accordingly.

Ensure Rewards and Appreciation: Recognize high-performance employees and reward them with appreciation and promotions.

Time and Expense Management

ePROMIS lets your employees submit expense claims and timesheets easily without the need for manual paperwork.

Timesheets: Dynamic timesheets enable you to manage employee time and work hours in real-time without any human error.

Payroll: Transfer salaries into employee accounts every month. The entire process is automated, and no human involvement is needed.

Expenses: Oversee overhead expenses and figure out ways to reduce operational costs.

Hiring and Recruitment

With ePROMIS, you can manage the complete recruitment lifecycle. The solution allows you to find and hire the right candidates for your company.

Interviews: Conduct online assessments and interviews with selected candidates to save time and resources.

Documentation: Automatically send and receive the necessary documents, such as offer letters, certifications, and more.

Onboarding: Ensure a seamless employee onboarding experience and provide a pleasant experience to your new hires.