Manage your property business with ease with
ePROMIS Enterprise Software


Manage all your finances, including expenses, rents, maintenance bills, and more, from a single, intuitive dashboard

Workflow Automation

Automate your day-to-day property management tasks, such as sending rental reminders and generating maintenance tickets.

Property Reporting

Generate visual reports that provide in-depth insights into how your property business performs and what changes can be made

Cloud Security

Utilize a cloud-enabled infrastructure that ensures your data stays encrypted, protected, and secure.

Document Management

Maintain all property-related documents in a unified place. Convert paper files into electronic format to save space and enhance operational efficiency.

Better Reporting

Get real-time updates to make quality decisions. View key performance indicators to give live feedback and improve business results.

Security, Scalability, and Mobility

ePROMIS comes with cloud capabilities, which add robust security and scalability capabilities to your property business.

Cloud Storage: Store all property and customer-related data in the cloud for seamless access and mobility.

Scale Seamlessly: Add more users, customers, and properties in a few quick steps with ePROMIS’s cloud capabilities.

Cutting-Edge Security: End-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication to keep your data safe and secure from leaks and breaches.

Easy Maintenance Management

With ePROMIS, you can streamline your maintenance management operations and promptly identify the scope for improvement.

Manage Move-Ins and Move-Outs: Make the move-in and move-out process frictionless; provide a seamless experience to tenants.

Track Property Conditions: Use media elements like photos and videos to track the condition of occupied properties.

Manage Maintenance: Stay on top of maintenance requirements, accept maintenance tickets online, and schedule dates from the dashboard.

Task Automation and Reminders

ePROMIS automates administrative tasks, such as rent and maintenance fare collection. It also sends automated alerts and reminders to ensure that you don’t miss any dates

Automated Tickets: Generate and send maintenance tickets and rent reminders automatically.

Payment Collection: Accept online payments via multiple channels, including cards, cash, e-wallets, and more.

Documentation: Automate documentation approval and speed up the move-in process for tenants.