Real-time Insights On Business Performance For
Better Decision Making

Manage Enterprises from anywhere

Manage your distributed workforce spread across multiple locations single-handedly with ePROMIS. Manage multiple sectors and get 360-degree visibility into the performance of numerous operations.

Gauge performances easily

Understand how each of your teams and departments is performing with accurate data and figures. ePROMIS Enterprize cloud helps you monitor performances through real-time dashboards, facilitating better decision-making.

Glance through global operations quickly

ePROMIS is created to help conglomerates streamline business operations for multiple locations. It helps with the financial consolidation required for separate companies with features like business intelligence and multi-company reporting.

Better Visibility

Manage multiple sectors simultaneously and get 360-degree visibility into the performance of numerous operations within your organization.

Data Accessibility

Provide real-time business intelligence to all employees with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud. Make better decisions and gain a competitive edge by gaining complete visibility over business operations.


Scale-up efficiently as your organization grows with ePROMIS ERP software. Invest in functional modules according to your unique business requirements to gain a quick return on investment and increase profitability.

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS ERP Software is an enterprise resource planning software that enables large businesses to track performance across multiple operations and locations. With ePROMIS ERP Software, businesses can manage finances, inventory, and operations in a single system. ePROMIS ERP Software is customizable to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes.

ePROMIS ERP Software offers a comprehensive suite of modules that cover all aspects of business operations. The software is designed to be scalable, so it can grow with your business. ePROMIS ERP is available as a SaaS/Cloud-based deployment only.

Make Informed Choices

ePROMIS helps you make better business decisions by offering you real-time actionable data. Monitor multiple operations together with information at your fingertips.

Accurate insights: Obtain the most accurate data to base your decisions. Filter data as per your convenience to get precise answers to crucial business queries.

Dashboards: With real-time dashboards on ePROMIS Cloud, you can easily figure out how each department and vertical function. You are also alerted if things do not work as planned and can take timely actions.

Manage multiple operations: Several operations spread across multiple locations can be monitored and streamlined using ePROMIS ERP. It improves efficiency, enhances productivity, and intensifies interference quickly.

Greater Control

With ePROMIS, you gain better control over your business functions. You can track individual departments, projects, or locations and manage them from anywhere.

Easy and instant access: Gain access to all important data and derive the latest insights instantly. Assess your business operations and view all information in-depth or at a glance.

Performance measurement of multiple operations: Measure how well each operation is being performed, make better estimates and track performance remotely with ePROMIS ERP cloud solution.

Strict adherence to guidelines: Ensure that guidelines, specifications, and protocols are being adhered to across your enterprise. Receive custom alerts in case of deviations.