Improve Business Frequency & Efficiency
with ePROMIS Cloud ERP

Fast and Efficient

Save time, paperwork, and third-party interference. Complete transactions faster and more efficiently with Blockchain. Enjoy clutter-free transactions and eliminate human errors.

Get Better Transparency

Manage access to information and register transactions through a shared digital ledger. Stay on the same page regarding payments and make smoother settlements without involving intermediaries.

Improve Security

Transactions are encrypted and recorded only after both parties agree upon them. Prevent hacking and unauthorized activities using network-based storage. With transaction records interlinked upon approval, you can be assured of data safety.

Enhanced Traceability

Trace each exchange back to its origin with detailed audit trails. Ensure the authenticity of records, prevent fraud and track all records related to your inventory. Trace any item back to its source and simplify the supply chain.

Streamline Supply Chain Operations

Utilize blockchain technology to streamline inventory management, warehousing, logistics, and critical supply chain management operations. Create smart contracts and unify data for better operational efficiency.

Optimize Operations

Integrating blockchain technology with ePROMIS Cloud ERP can help your organization manage resources better and streamline transactions. It boosts traceability and grants easy access to multiple stakeholders in the organization.

Attain True Digital Transformation

In order to empower your organization with blockchain technology, you can use the ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform. This platform provides a variety of features that can help you to easily and quickly deploy blockchain applications within your organization. The ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform is a flexible and scalable platform that can be used by organizations of all sizes. The ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform has been designed to be easily integrated with blockchain based solutions and architecture.


Remove the need to involve third parties or middlemen in your business. Manage authentication, data access, and documentation issues simultaneously with Blockchain.

No intermediaries needed: Blockchain enables you to save on accounting, verification, and record-keeping charges by single-handedly managing every aspect.

No Server Charges: Data stored in shared computer networks is more secure as compared to servers. You also save on server charges.

Easy to customize: Blockchain allows a vast range of customizable features. No need to hire developers to make tweaks; you can do it yourself.

Easy Authentication

Improved transparency, better security, and easy record verification help you make transactions more efficiently. Processing of data is much faster, all while maintaining process integrity.

Manage Permissions: Provide role-based access for data authentication for information safety.

Audit Trails: Access, share, and verify data instantly as each transaction is linked to its previous one.

Distributed Ledger: All network participants have access to the same document copies, and versions can only be updated through consensus.