Optimize the Entire Lifecycle of Assets with ePROMIS EAM Cloud

Maintain Complete Control Of Your Business Operations With ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise SaaS

Manage capital expenditures, reduce operating costs, and utilize resources efficiently

Monitor Physical Assets

Track physical assets, ensure optimum utilization of infrastructure, equipment and monitor components. Manage their entire lifecycle of all assets right from purchase to final disposal.

Manage Inventory

Maintain a log of real-time inventory status in the organization with ePROMIS Enterprise asset management software. Track stock levels so that they do not drop low and cause production stoppages and reduce productivity.

Equipment Warranty and Maintenance

Keep track of various important parameters to ensure equipment warranty and schedule regular maintenance checks. Facilitate precise depreciation calculation and monitor asset capitalization to manage equipment and physical assets better.

Streamline Service Requests

Manage and unify service requests from all channels such as email, phone, and chat. Automate repetitive service request tasks to save time and reduce the manual workload exponentially.

Alerts and Notifications

Get real-time alerts and notifications to help you keep track of asset movement, maintenance, repairs, and allocation. Take proactive action to increase the longevity of company assets and enhance operational excellence.

Enhance Compliance

Follow required legislation and compliance measures to minimize risk factors and avoid any penalties. Implement strict policies and enforce them to ensure quality standards in asset and equipment management.

Efficient Asset Management with ePROMIS EAM Cloud

ePROMIS EAM Cloudis the next-generation Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution that offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of capabilities to optimize the entire lifecycle of assets. The solution helps organizations improve asset performance, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with safety and regulatory requirements.

ePROMIS EAM Cloud is delivered as a cloud-based solution, making it easy to deploy and use. The solution offers a flexible subscription pricing model that allows organizations to pay only for the features and functionality they need. ePROMIS EAM Cloud helps organizations manage their assets more effectively by providing a complete picture of asset performance across the entire organization. The solution includes a centralized asset repository that provides visibility into all assets, including those in remote locations.

Transform Your Asset Management Processes With ePROMIS Cloud ERP Software

Get a holistic view of organizational data to identify hidden opportunities. Understand patterns, predict trends and stay future-proof.


Get the most accurate business forecasts based on the latest data. Improve the efficacy of decisions as the system automatically filters out irrelevant or inaccurate information.

Explore untapped potential

Prevent crucial financial data from staying camouflaged in spreadsheets. Detect the untapped potential of your business and stay miles ahead of the competition.

Enable Quality Decisions Through Interactive Dashboards

Find new ways to improve productivity, output, and performance through the power of simulations.

Make better decisions and increase operational visibility by customizing reports with real-time data. View key performance indicators to know the health and status of organizational assets, equipment, and infrastructure. Manage processes better by automating workflows and following best industrial practices.

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