Connect with your team at Every Stage of Construction

ePROMIS Construction Cloud Platform

Construction and Contracting Management

ePROMIS Construction Cloud is a web-based construction project management software that enables contractors and construction professionals to connect with their team at every stage of construction, from pre-construction to post-construction. With ePROMIS Construction Cloud Platform, you can manage your projects more efficiently and effectively.

ePROMIS Construction Cloud Platform enables you to:

  • Share construction documents with your team
  • Track construction progress
  • Communicate with your team member
  • Manage construction finances
  • Create and manage construction schedules
  • Analyze construction data to improve project management decisions.

Monitor Productivity & Improve Efficiency With ePROMIS Enterprise

Project Management

Track multiple projects simultaneously and stay atop of any changes (and progress). Monitor project budgets, expenses, and time of completion.

Design Coordination

Connect your design, operations, and field teams to improve project performance and deliverability. Communicate with clients and keep them updated with the designs.

Accounting & Financials

Access past financial information, track payables & receivables, allocate revenue across projects and create quotes. Securely share financial data with decision-makers within the company.

Asset Management

Track your inventory, speed up the procurement process, and enhance operational performance in real-time. Set minimum quantity alerts to ensure you are never short of raw materials.

Human Capital Management

Effectively manage your labor force requirements. Assign and re-assign your workforce to different projects as and when required.


Every construction project is different. To meet your needs better, ePROMIS allows you to customize everything, from invoices and taxes to payment processing.

ePROMIS FutureGen Construction Project Management with its features and benefits

Get Real-Time Visibility Into Your Core Construction Processes

Seamlessly Collaborate With Your Employees Using a Software that Brings All the Workflows Under One Roof

Unique requirements met

Built primarily to meet your unique needs, ePROMIS Construction Cloud offers an array of features that help streamline everything, including collaboration with employees.

Real-time Data and 24x7 Access

Stay atop each project’s progress in real-time. Access and manage your projects from anywhere, anytime using an internet-connected device.

Eliminate the Need for Separate Platforms With ePROMIS Construction Cloud

Concentrate on what you do best and choose ePROMIS, the true enterprise platform to support your current and future requirements and goals

From pre-construction planning and project management to resource and financial management, you can do everything with ePROMIS Construction Cloud. It not only eliminates the need for separate platforms but also makes it easier for you to keep track of multiple projects and make better decisions quickly.

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