360 Degree Management - Internal & External Stakeholder Management

ePROMIS B2B & B2C Management and Automation: Save Time, Improve Productivity, and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

One Platform to manage all stakeholders - Internal and External

ePROMIS B2B & B2C Management and Automation is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to save time, improve productivity, and deliver exceptional results. It provides a centralized platform for managing all external business processes and automating workflows. This helps businesses to optimize their operations and achieve better results.

ePROMIS B2B & B2C Management and Automation offers a wide range of features that helps businesses streamline their operations. It includes tools for managing external stakeholders including customer relationships, supplier relationships, sales, and marketing. It also provides a powerful management module that helps businesses to track and manage their external stakeholder interactions and workflows effectively.

In addition, ePROMIS B2B & B2C Management and Automation offers a powerful workflow automation engine that helps businesses to automate their business processes. This helps businesses to save time and improve their efficiency and respond to all their external stakeholders effectively.

ePROMIS - One Enterprise Platform to Replace Them All

Whitelable Apps & Portals

Manage interactions between all your stakeholders, both internal and external with ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform that comprises of ePROMIS ERP Cloud and also add-ons including white-labelled solutions, apps, portals and ecommerce extensions. Bring all your stakeholders in the conversatoin. Assign rights and permissions based on user type.

Ecommerce and Apps

Allow Stakeholders to engage in shopping activities. Go Live with your Apps and Ecommerce websites completely integrated with ePROMIS FutureGen Enteprise Platform, including built-in Payment Gateway integrations. Choose your app and ecommerce website designs from the many design options already available

Improve Collaboration and Customer Service

Keep all in your stakeholders in the coversation. Discuss issues, queries, projects, and make feedback sharing easier, setup workflows, rights and permissions for each of your stakeholders. Seemlessly manage projects, conversations and collaborate together for various queries, projects, tasks and more.

Security, Rights and Permissions

Control Access of tools and services to all stakeholders. ePROMIS Enterprise Grade Rights and Permissions Engine allows you to assign and granular rights to each user. ePROMIS also has the option to allocate User Profiles to manage permissions and rights esp. for a large user-base

50+ Global Design Options

You have many app and ecommerce design options to choose from. Go Live with your external stakeholder facing apps, websites or ecommerce platform now.

One Platform to replace them all

Interact with all your stakeholders to find bottlenecks that affects your efficiency. Improve efficiency, collaborate with third party users, improve workflows, understand and control your expenses to boost profitability using ePROMIS Whitelable services.

Built for the Future

Bring all your stakholders to the conversation, your customers, suppliers, employees, and other third party users under the same platform

True Collaboration

Bringing all internal and external stakeholders to the conversation is not easy. ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform is now, the only true SaaS platform that provides a 360 Degree approach to attain true digital transformation.

Workflows, Approvals, Alerts and Notifications

Set alerts and send notifications automatically to ensure all users and operations are in sync. Automate tasks, manage approvals, workflows, setup notifications and more.

Collaborate, Plan, Organize and Deliver Solutions and Projects On Time Every Time

Engage with your suppliers, customers, consultants and more, discuss the solutions and projects, and improve business efficiency

Discuss potential roadblocks in all tasks and provide solutions to all your stakeholders.

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