ePROMIS Employee Experience Management

Build Effective Teams and Retain Top Talent

ePROMIS- The FutureGen Enterprise Platform

Easy Application Process

Make a hassle-free application process that makes the initial interaction with your company easier. Develop a mobile-friendly interface that is easy to understand and navigate.

Automated Interviewing Tools and Processes

Assess candidates’ soft skills and predict their temperament by analyzing their voice and language.

Effective Onboarding Programs

Help employees get familiar with your company’s culture and values. Support employees in their day-to-day tasks, improve communication among peers and help them build relationships with their leaders.

Provide A Clean and Safe Environment

Focus on workplace aesthetics and influence your employees’ motivation to perform and achieve peak productivity. Put in necessary safety measures to build organizational credibility and employee trust.

Assign Mentors

Help new hires understand their work and come out of their shell quickly. Facilitate clear communication and the free exchange of ideas to help new employees bond better with their office peers.

Employee Surveys

Get 360-degree feedback from workers and address their concerns effectively. Uncover various attributes of your organization and analyze what makes your employees happy and satisfied.

Create an Engaging Employee Experience

Conduct Regular Performance Reviews and Help Employees Advance Their Skills

Help Employees Advance

Provide continuous feedback and acknowledge the short-term achievements of your employees to help them advance their skills. Hold regular appraisal programs and motivate workers to achieve organizational goals.


Give social recognition and appreciate employees for their contributions to the organization. Make the employee journey meaningful and memorable with ePROMIS.

Organize Team Building Activities

Arrange activities and engage your employees to help improve their performance

Take the pressure off and reduce stress among employees with outdoor games and ice-breaking sessions. Encourage teamwork and let employees communicate and bond with people from different departments and create new memories.

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