End-to-end HR Management for Modern Enterprises

Manage Employee Payroll Through Automation With ePROMIS HCM SaaS

ePROMIS HCM Enterprise SaaS

Better Training

Train employees better regarding the organization's policies and processes using interactive tools. Provide superior onboarding experience and reduce attrition rates.

Improved HR Efficiency

Automate several core HRMS tasks like employee on-boarding, release, and workforce planning. Reduce Employee workload and improve the efficiency of employee management and assistance.

Employee Helpdesk

With a ticketing and escalation management system, employees can raise concerns, highlight grievances and find quick resolutions to their problems.

Employee Analytics

Get to know your employees better with analytics. Track performance over time, assign tasks based on incompetency, provide feedback and distribute appraisals according to employee ratings. Detect deficiencies in required skills, eligibility for promotions and incentives, employee satisfaction, and much more through analytics.

Travel & Reimbursement

Manage employee's travel expenses and expenses through an integrated HR platform. Check distances covered, provide approvals, verify claims and view previous records instantaneously. Capture expenses receipts digitally and offer multi-currency support.

Workforce Planning

Make the best use of your workforce with proper planning based on their core skills and expertise. Hire the right staff and assign them to projects that best utilize their expertise.

Ensure Security, Scaling & Performance With ePROMIS HCM

ePROMIS HCM Enterprise SaaS: End-to-end HR Management for Modern Enterprises

Manage interview scheduling and management

Absorb the most capable employees quickly into your organization with features like resume parsing, application filtering, and virtual assessments. Schedule interviews digitally and create custom evaluation forms.

Appraisal Management

Configure assessments and review cycles for different employee groups to evaluate performance and provide instant feedback. Align organizational goals with those of employees. Gain feedback from multiple stakeholders and create a virtual competency library based on department and designation.

Manage Employee Rewards & Recognition

Efficient Management of HR Operations

Improve engagement and recognize employee efforts. Design peer-to-peer nomination and recognition programs to improve staff morale. Plan rewards and recognition budget for each department or event to streamline budgeting.

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