Maximize Profit & Organizational Wealth with ePROMIS Financials

Reduce Monetary Risks and Redundancy With ePROMIS Enterprise ERP

Improve Managerial Efficiency with ePROMIS Financials

Facilitate Better Transparency

Improve financial transparency through shared ledgers and documents. Share and access vendor invoices, policy guidelines, and location-based reports easily.

Improve Managerial Efficiency

With project management, time tracking, accounting, and ERP systems working together billing and approvals are instant. Managers have complete control over finances and save much time and effort through automated report generation.

Budget Management

Create budgets according to organizational needs effortlessly. Define, assign, reject or approve budgets for important verticals, create fiscal plans and manage cash flow effectively. Gauge the status of current business operations while integrating all expense data under a single framework.

Better Compliance

Stay compliant with local, state, federal, or international guidelines. Automate payment policy verification and process tax, returns, deductions, and receipts with a single click. Get notified when processes are overridden.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraudulent expense reimbursements and fake entries with custom alerts. Detect questionable entries and prevent wrong payment approvals and reduce business losses.

Faster Data Processing

Going paperless and automating workflows saves a great deal of organizational time. No data tallying, searching of receipts or hard copies are needed as all payments and processed electronically. Moreover, all data is backed up securely for future reference.

True Financial Management

Reduce Monetary Risks and Redundancy With ePROMIS Enterprise ERP

Customizable Rules

Customize expense caps for different projects or departments depending upon need and importance. Create brackets for expenses and prevent rapid cash outflow.

Advanced Reports

ePROMIS offers advanced analytics and reporting functionalities that help consolidate expenses into simplified reports. Identify areas with high expenditure and enforce better spending guidelines.

Efficient Management

Minimize Business Delays

Reduce time in processing and submission of reports. Review details, approve claims, and process expenses faster and with more accuracy through automation. Adhere to timelines and get alerted about possible delays.

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