Provide Extraordinary Service, Improve Performance and Cut Costs

Streamline service processes and activities to enhance on-job productivity and build customer loyalty

ePROMIS Service Cloud - FutureGen Enterprise SaaS

Track Resources

Monitor and manage all internal or external resources offsite or on the plant. Schedule all service, maintenance, and repair processes for optimum utilization of resources.

Manage Accurate Work Orders

Facilitate dynamic and accurate work order invoicing functionality. Eliminate the duplication of work orders and automate invoice creation to save time and reduce manual work.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Handle all customer service issues such as warranty, purchase orders, service calls, and billing inquiries. Remain accessible to customers round the clock to increase satisfaction levels and build loyalty.

Maintain Assets

Increase the life expectancy of physical assets and equipment by efficient resource distribution and timely maintenance. Gain real-time visibility into the movement of assets and follow best practices to reduce downtime.

Seamless Integrations

Connect and synchronize ePROMIS service management software with other business applications to create a single source of information. Save data duplication and reduce administrative workload by facilitating the smooth transfer of organizational information.

Automate Core Processes

Use ePROMIS service cloud to automate vital business processes and increase transparency in operations. Manage work orders from service requests through various channels such as email, phone, or chat.

Service Management Cloud

ePROMIS Service Management Cloud is the perfect solution to improve your performance and cut costs. Our platform is designed to help organizations of all sizes manage their operations more effectively and efficiently. With ePROMIS, you can streamline your business processes, optimize your workflows, and improve your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about how ePROMIS can help you achieve extraordinary results.

Create Custom Workflows To Manage Service, Inventory, And Repair Processes Effectively

ePROMIS ERP: Integrate Workflows To Boost Productivity

Streamline Service Compliance

Maintain all service-related activities efficiently, right from service quotations, customer calls, and work order handling. Carry out preventive maintenance operations based on a pre-set schedule.

Improve Coordination & Monitoring

Plan and coordinate service-related resources for better allocation and improved departmental collaboration. Monitor all resources and equipment with real-time data to build operational efficiency and maximize revenues.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Advanced Dashboards & Reports

Gain real-time updates on the status of work orders, service requests, maintenance schedules, and purchase orders with real-time reports. View key performance parameters on visual and navigable dashboards to gain a bird’ eye view of all critical service processes. Make better decisions and reduce service response times with access to ePROMIS service management customized reports.

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