ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud Platform to Replace them All

Automate and Manage Customer Lifecycle for Sales and Marketing Teams with ePROMIS Enterprise Software

Better Organize and Manage Relationships with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud

Manage Contacts

Store contact information such as names, addresses, and social media accounts in a searchable database. Organize information in a layout that is easy to understand and is usable.

Faster Conversions

Manage the process of converting prospects into customers by identifying, scoring, and moving leads through the sales pipeline. Set transparent workflows and transitions that make sense for your business and your team.

Document Management

Collect, upload, store, and share documents in a centralized location. Ensuring all team members are well-versed with the process and promote a smooth, consistent experience for your customers.

Automate Workflow

Automate repetitive tasks by creating processes that trigger actions and even send follow-up reminders for the next actions. Free up team members to complete more tasks that need human intervention.

Forecast Sales

Generate predictions for future sales figures and projected revenue based on present data and advanced analytics. Map new territories and set your quarterly targets by making objective and informed decisions.


Get routine summary reports of sales figures and employee performance. Effectively troubleshoot problems and develop an in-depth understanding of your entire sales process.

Customer Relationship Management done right!

ePROMIS Customer Relationship Management is designed to help businesses manage their customer interactions and data. It allows businesses to track customer interactions across different channels, such as phone, email, and social media. This helps businesses keep track of customer data and preferences, and allows them to provide better customer service.

ePROMIS CRM also provides businesses with tools to automate their customer interactions, such as automated email responses and live chat. This helps businesses save time and improve their customer service. In addition, ePROMIS CRM provides businesses with insights into their customer data, such as customer behaviour patterns and preferences. This helps businesses make better decisions about their marketing and sales strategies.

ePROMIS Platform to replace your multiple disintegrated software

Consolidates Customer Information Under A Single Platform


Sync information across multiple devices to get access to the most up-to-date customer information. Better serve customers with real-time tracking and interesting insights on their choices and preferences.

Collaboration and Team Management

Standardize workflows and processes associated with marketing, sales, and customer support. Facilitate collaboration between teams for increased operational efficiency.

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

Get Actionable Insights Into Business performance

Create customizable dashboards and reports based on customer data. Segment customer data, track revenue and manage personalized campaigns to build a clear strategy and fulfill organizational goals.

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