Automate your facility management tasks

Facility management organizations can now improve their operations, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience

Attain True Digital Transformation

ePROMIS FutureGen SaaS Cloud also has an built in facility management software that can improve your organization's operations by reducing costs and delivering an exceptional customer experience. With ePROMIS CAFM, you can optimize your resources, manage your facility more effectively, and improve communication between departments.

ePROMIS ERP offers a wide range of features to help you manage your facility more effectively, including:

  • Asset management: Track and manage your organization's assets with ease.
  • Facility maintenance: Schedule and track maintenance tasks, and create work orders to keep your facility in top condition.
  • Space management: Manage your facility's space more efficiently, and track utilization with ease.
  • Utilities management: Monitor and control your facility's utilities usage, and reduce costs.
  • Reduce costs and improve profits

Facility Operations Management

The facility operations management module in ePROMIS takes care of the routine operations and tasks carried out on a daily basis. This feature ensures that all activities in your organization are being carried out in a scheduled manner.

Oversee daily schedules
Supervision and inspection
Shift duty cycles and assign vendors
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Facility Contracts Management

The facility contract management module enables you to track and manage contracts with vendors and suppliers.

Vendor evaluation and management
Periodic renewal of contracts
Contract management
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Employee Management

Give your employees a reason to stick with you by providing them superior experience and satisfaction.

HR and payroll
Performance tracking and talent management
Appraisals management
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Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Optimize business processes and achieve greater organizational productivity with ePROPMIS ERP for facility management businesses.

Save time and reduce costs
Oversee asset maintenance and usage
Enable hassle-free communication
Achieve business mobility
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