Empowering Partners to Generate Sales and
Boost Your Revenue

Minimize Dependencies on Your Sales and Marketing Teams with ePROMIS Partner Enablement Services

Sharpen Sales Skills

For every partner responsible for promoting your products and services, sales skills are a necessity. With ePROMIS, your partners learn from the best to be the best.

  • Best Practices: From do’s and don’ts of selling to industry best practices, your partners learn everything from scratch.
  • Specialized Sales Tools: Give your partners access to specialized sales tools to manage and track their leads. Analyze sales performance and provide account-based training to get the best possible results.

Co-Branded, Personalized Content

Increase your partner’s efficiency with personalized sales collateral-branded content based on the target audience and local market.

  • Template-Based Content: Multiple template-based contents (web marketing materials) for each of your partners. Templates can be customized to better reflect the needs of the prospects.
  • Personalized Emails: Work Emails with several templates to communicate with prospects while ensuring a consistent brand voice.

Holistic View of Partners Enablement Program

Stay atop of your ePROMIS' Partners Enablement program. Know how your partners are doing, suggest changes (if any), and see your profits increase.

  • Leads and Opportunities: Check all the leads and opportunities in the pipeline. Track lead behavior, identify challenges and where they stand in the sales cycle.
  • Understand What Works the Best: Determine what strategies move leads down the funnel and what makes your partners successful.