Go Beyond Traditional ERP Technology with
ePROMIS Construction and Engineering ERP Software

Asset Management

Monitor all physical assets, machinery, and equipment in a structured manner. Maintain assets efficiently to maximize performance and return on investment.

Integrated Accounting

Handle all your project accounting in one unified portal. Manage purchase orders, subcontracts, issues, and submittals for error-free accounting management.

Reduce Construction Overheads

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline construction workflows to increase operational efficiency. Reduce construction overheads to enhance revenue and end profitability.

Efficient Contract Management

Manage construction contracts in one unified portal for quick and easy access. Define timelines, delivery schedules, pricing, and terms and conditions for better transparency.

Complete Transparency

Gain visibility into all construction-related operations and monitor real-time progress. Identify red flags and take corrective action for better performance.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Improve coordination between departments and team collaboration by the smooth flow of organizational data. Integrate with various systems to save time and automate construction processes.

ePROMIS FutureGen Construction Project Management with its features and benefits

Attain True Digital Transformation

Construction projects can be complex and difficult to manage, but with the help of ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Platform, you can successfully oversee every aspect of your project. ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud is a cloud-based construction project management software that enables users to manage resources, tasks, and budgets in a centralized location. With its powerful reporting features, you can easily track project progress and ensure that your construction project stays on schedule and on budget. ePROMIS FutureGen Enterprise Cloud's reporting features enable users to stay on top of their project's progress and ensure that it stays on schedule and on budget.

Gain Access To Critical Real-Time Data

Have round-the-clock access to important construction project data. Monitor resource planning, estimation, project schedules, and budgets from any location and gain enterprise mobility.

Analyze Project Performance: Track the progress of construction project activities by enhancing visibility and take proactive measures to meet deadlines.

Make Quality Decisions: Get a comprehensive 360-view of your construction project and analyze key metrics to make quality decisions.

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Generate Customized Reports

Create customized reports by using bar graphs, pie charts, and pivot tables. Filter parameters and customize report fields to analyze data comprehensively and gain a competitive edge.

Track Key Performance Indicators: Monitor key performance indicators to give actionable feedback to employees.

Analyze Historical Data: View historical data to understand construction project management trends and develop accurate forecasts for the future.

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Unify All Construction Management Data

Maintain a unified repository of all construction management data that can be accessed by authorized stakeholders. Convert paper files into digital format to save space and increase efficiency.

Streamline Construction Processes: Manage diverse construction processes such as inventory, procurement, asset management, and accounting in one centralized platform.

Mobilize Resources: Allocate resources efficiently for better utilization and task flow management.

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