Track And Manage Your Performance Indicators
with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud


Consolidate all your data, KPIs, metrics, and reports in one place with intuitive dashboards. Also, get access to interactive graphs and graphs.


Create and share in-depth reports with teams, colleagues, and stakeholders to make informed business decisions.


Analyze your business performance, forecast trends, and make sense of your data with ePROMIS.


Customize your dashboard as per your requirements to increase efficiency and stay on top of your business needs.

Centralize Data

Manage all your business data in one centralized repository with ePROMIS Enterprise Cloud for better security and accessibility.

Enhanced Visibility

Increase visibility throughout your enterprise by viewing important metrics and KPIs on visual dashboards.

Measure Your Results

Set goals and measure business results with the ePROMIS KPI dashboard. Stay on top of the leads generated, sales made, and more.

Set Objectives: Set realistic business goals based on your resources, capabilities, and customer expectations.

Assign Goals: Assign tasks and goals to all teams and departments. Delegate goals and oversee how all teams are performing.

Review Results: Monitor results across all teams and departments based on predefined KPIs and parameters.

Manage Efforts

Ensure seamless workflow management based on strategic, data-driven project management.

Plan Projects: Plan projects, jobs, and initiatives with ePROMIS’s project management dashboard.

Monitor Progress: See how your employees are working towards achieving their goals, the things they’re doing right, and the mistakes they’re making.

Identify Performers: Identify the best performers based on specific KPIs and reward them accordingly.

Create Visibility

Achieve superior business visibility and transparency. With ePROMIS, you can determine the ins and outs of how your business is performing.

Business Intelligence Reports: Generate BI reports from a single dashboard with the help of ePROMIS.

Define Correlations: Specify correlations between results and efforts to ensure your team remains on the right track.

Insights into Actions: Get real-time insights into corrective actions and determine how your decisions are performing.